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Dear Valor friends,

Hope you're doing great
Seems like ages..
It definitely has been too long..

A report about that one game which brought us all together, is long overdue!

Yes It may come as a shock to you, but after your departure FFXI has managed to live on and new content was added until this very day.

The list of additions is endless;
since ToAU, three more add on expansions were released and the constant updates made ffxi incredibly solo friendly and easy to return to.

For more extensive information about the numerous changes, you should definitely check out:

Then recently Square Enix announced Rhapsodies of Vana'Diel as a final scenario for Final Fantasy XI:

The first chapter in FINAL FANTASY XI's final main scenario, Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, will be implemented in the May 2015 version update.
This scenario will serve to tie together fourteen years of FINAL FANTASY XI, and we aim for it serve as the ultimate compilation of all we have accomplished to date, with major characters from throughout the game's history making appearances–a feat that only a game as storied as FINAL FANTASY XI can offer.

The scenario will consist of three separate chapters, debuting in the May, August, and November version updates, respectively.
Coming along with the scenario are exciting new battle content, never-before-seen rewards, and a variety of other additions to engage players of all different stripes.

We plan for this to be a grand conclusion to the FINAL FANTASY series' first MMORPG–and indeed, the first console MMORPG–in a way that will be recorded in the annals of the genre's history.

It looks like Final Fantasy XI is finally coming to an end, but will do so in a "big bada bing bada boom" fashion.

Arislan (now known as Biaar) returned to the game a few months ago and we both often reminiscence
how fantastic it would be if we had a big Valor reunion in game.

It would be so awesome to see each other again in that game which created so many wonderful memories
as well connected all of us much deeper than we could ever imagine.

Because of the 14th year anniversary of the game, SE is organizing a Return Home to Vana'Diel campaign
from friday, May 15, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, May 25 at the same hour.

This means that during that period you will be able to play the game for FREE!

All you have to do is download/update the FFXI client and LOGIN.
Info and all datafiles (for digital download) can be found at this page of the original FFXI website.

Also don't forget to download the new advanced windower while you're at it :)

Even if you deactivated (but not explicitly deleted) your account 10 years ago, you'll be able to restore your original character.

In other words you really have no reason why you wouldn't hit the login button for a one last time :)

{Gather together} in FFXI

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